Film Theory: The HORRIFIC Story of Salad Fingers


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  1. Think about this…. salad fingers is 13 years old! The people that first got really into it waited 10 years for it to end

  2. Just wondering if Im not the only one that noticed Matpat set that they are English then says that Saladfingers brother is a member of the US navy …

  3. Got as far as you trying to establish the era it is set in. Can't you see how stupidly inappropriate this forensic approach is?
    Salad fingers is an expressionistic outcry of the alienated and despairing at the cruelty, madness, and artificiality of modern life. Analysis of anything but Math is something that requires a mature, fully developed mind, I'm afraid.

  4. I kid you not there is an 11 year old in my school who isn't remotely scared by this. I'm 13 and I'm terrified by it.

  5. Just saying, but I got that he was from 20th century England from his language. The words and phrases he used, such as "queer", were common in that time period, and the use of the intensifier "bloody" suggests being English, possibly from a southern area, though I couldn't be sure. It's not foolproof, I know, but it worked for me, and being English myself I know how the language works (not saying people of other languages don't, just that I feel that I understand the language and dialect.)

    Also: why does everyone keep saying he must have been in the US army or whatever?? To me he's clearly English, and therefore would be in the English army. I mean, I know it's not overly important to the theory itself, but its a little detail that just annoys me.

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