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  1. if anyone wanna buy a key, i have a few for sale for 7$ usd
    please add my skype ID : palagamings
    if interested.

  2. Athene, troll. First “ATHENE FINDS SECRET GTA V MAP” = Minecraft. And now
    this =(? We all want beta keys!!!

  3. @ martin… fuck off u dumb fucking bitch… bet you wouldnt talk like that
    to my face :D.. P.S you couldn’t fed if you were a senior citizen with down
    syndrome in a nursing home, scrubdiddlie umptious 

  4. Ill do like everbody else cuz im badass, can someone send me a key 😀

    ill give you 4 reason to do this

    1. im freakin awsome 😀
    2. ill be so happy, and if im happy your are 2
    3. I dont have a good english
    4. Cuz you are a good person and i deaply love you!

  5. Those people who dont stream will never be able to play this game anyway.
    so why even try get a key? blizzard dont give out any keys anymore. Only
    the streamers and bots get. so fuck this game. if you dont have a key by
    now. stop looking for 1, u’ll never get it! we’ll just have to deal with

  6. Nothing about WoW private servers is illegal/against the law. It just
    breaches the terms and conditions of use that Blizzard created. That does
    not mean it is illegal.

  7. Copyright? You are not allowed to run a server for World of Warcraft,
    because you use property, you don’t own.

  8. You aren’t selling anything on the server, Blizzard won’t touch you. They
    only go after servers which are making a profit.

  9. It would be awesome unfortunately I don’t think he’ll do that because he’d
    fuck up his good-will from Blizzard. However, I could maybe set up a
    server. Maybe I’ll start a project.

  10. Glad to see that your back 🙂 all those series are waking a new feeling
    which i used to have in your videos 😀

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