Fire Emblem Heroes – 230+ Orbs Summons: FOR MATHILDA!


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  1. 12:37
    A mistake on my part, I apologize, I accidentally mistook it for Hone atk as Hone Atk 1 is needed for Drive Atk. So I saw it hence said that.
    It DOES stack.

  2. Hey so my Olivia has more strength than my Lucina, and Olivia isn't even maxed out yet… Am I like really lucky, or does Olivia just get a surprising amount of strength?

  3. Are Linde and Delthea related? They have similar hair and eye color as well as an extreme talent for magic (they both can use aura) also since there was a lot of traveling between archanea and Valentina maybe after linde's village was attacked her father was kipdnapped and trafficked across the ocean during the whole pirate crisis in Zofia and then escaped and settled in the village giving birth to Delthea and luthier? Just a theory.

  4. You were pretty unlucky this banner, I spent around 90 orbs and got 6 Mathildas including a +Atk-Def and 4 Deltheas.

  5. Hey Pheonixmaster1. I sent you a Friend Request on Wii U. Do you plan on doing Fire Embelm Warriors for Switch and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for Wii U?

  6. You want a Luke?? I wish I could give you mine, this DARN LUKE showed up instead of Sanaki and I shall NEVER forgive him for that. I still have no good red mages or dragons…

  7. Mathilda is the best example of that one character who your so hyped about but turns out to be one of the worst units😂😂😂

  8. I did a full summoning session and got Azura, Mathilda and Delthea in the same session.

  9. I wish someone made an actual in depth tutorial for this game… I still don't get this game at all.. :c

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