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  1. They Just Looked This Up Dont Know Anything About Fire Emblem I Bet Just Play Every Shitty Mobile Game Thats Trending

  2. Becky clearly does so much research for these games and mobile games in general I usually never like this video format but she makes them pretty good and well worth the watch. I hope that after her internship is up that they either keep her around or she continues this kind of stuff on her own channel.

  3. I would like to see more of Becky actually playing the games.(like silly sausage and finding your DS game) thanks for being awesome

  4. I just have one question before I get this game. Can I get Roy? And if so I assume he'll be in a red orb if I'm understanding this right?

  5. I'm really enjoying this game so far, plus, i'm a lucky bastard and already dropped Lucina 😀

    Nintendo's greedy as fuck with the cash shop tho, its waaaay too expensive

  6. For those IOS users wondering, this game is not available in the US yet. But it is on the Uk app store though.

  7. is it possible to find the same character but different star versions was wondering if you could pull a 4 star fir as i have only got a 3 star one

  8. Is Becky a super Mobile Gaming addict? She seems to know what she talking about for a bunch of games. Good work thus far!

  9. Are Simon and Tom actually coming back to this channel at all?
    Mobile games as a whole are generally quite boring but those two used to bring a bit of entertainment to them and keep them interesting. Not saying Becky isnt good at what she does, but this kind of video isn't really for me and i preferred the old format a lot more.

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