Fire Emblem Heroes Hack – How to Hack Orbs?


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  1. all of this kinds of videos are fake i havent even succeed once thats how stupid this is, and if you think y im leaving a comment im sorry im just really tired and its really annoying trying again and again for nothing to happen

  2. @Marko Truba Why did you put 'Bruthaa' as your username? When you opened Fire Emblem Heroes, I saw the name 'Kiran'. I'm really confused. Was there a certain reason you did that? Cause if there was, then maybe that's what I've been doing wrong?

  3. None of the links in the YouTube comments or the guide for this video worked for me. I attempted several times on two devices. Though I am skeptical about this due to my lack of success with this, I'm willing to think that maybe I did something wrong with these generators. Can anyone help me?

    System: iOS
    # of Orbs: 800000

    Like I said before, really skeptical . . . but, hey, if it does really work then I'd be a really happy person, especially since I'm a f2p person. Thanks to anyone who offers to help me!

  4. @Marko Truba Can I get some help with this? I'm an Android player by the name of JakeInferno

  5. ░H░e░y░ ░G░u░y░s░, ░F░R░E░E░ ░O░R░B░S░ ░C░H░E░A░T░S░ ░W░O░R░K░I░N░G░ ░L░I░N░K░
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  6. 【R】【e】【c】【i】【v】【e】 【9】【9】【k】 【f】 【r】 【e】 【e】 【O】 【r】 【b】 【s】 【n】【o】【w】【a】【d】【a】【y】 【,】 【t】【r】【y】 【h】【e】【r】【e】 –

  7. Tried using this hack but it wouldn't work for me. My username is Kenta and my platform is IOS. Help would be much appreciated

  8. Please help me out here, I have an iPhone and it won"t work for me. Will someone please select the iOS option and give me the maximum number of orbs? My name is Setphan. Thanks

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