Fire Emblem Heroes – Klein, Sanaki, Reinhardt, Olwen, Eldigan, & Lachesis Update Analysis! [2/27/17]


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Fire Emblem Heroes – Klein, Sanaki, Reinhardt, Olwen, Eldigan, & Lachesis Update Analysis! [2/27/17]was extracted from


  1. Thanks for watching! I'll be uploading the NORMAL, HARD, and LUNATIC Playthroughs of Paralogue 2 Later today, so keep an eye on your Subscriptions box!

  2. I heard eldagan was beheaded also apparently in geonology of war lachiasis is a amazing character after becoming a master night

  3. I was super excited about this banner. I really want Reinhardt, Olwen and Eldigan. I can see putting the three of them in a team with Gunter for high movement and some amazingly high cavalry-specific bonuses.

  4. I finally found a video that ask if they are worthjt, farmed 142 gems, gonna get another 16 from main quest, doing lunatic rn

  5. i like this game so much but i'm already getting bored because its only what its title suggests "Fire Emblem : Heroes" as in its only about heroes. It could be just me but there is not much content and even the story is bland tbh.. doesn't really have a sense of progression or achievement.

  6. I'm really interested in trying a cavalry build as I rarely see them being used in Arena. I pulled a Reinhardt but he needs Olivia/Azura to get him out of danger before he gets blasted by other units because of his stupidly low Speed. Reinhardt is good for hit and run that's pretty much it lol, if you pull him too I would just stick to Robin as your blue tome user cuz of the Takumi meta game lmao

  7. Gonna have another chance at summoning on Tuesday and really hoping for Eldigan for the eventual cavalry team i'm going to run once they release my dood Camus

  8. I got a 5 star Klein, is he good, I leveled him up to 38, but Idk if I should keep him instead of sakura

  9. i was not really that excited because i dont know an of them but some how in my only 3 only try`s i got the three ladies so am really happy for that still i dont now if i will keep lvl up all three must likely i will only keep olwen and maybe sanaki but only if she provees to be a good replacement for my tharja. Lachis must likely will stop using her after once the next arena season ends or i manage to get my lissa to 5 stars.

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