Fire Emblem Heroes – Official Trailer


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  1. seeing so many characters from binding blade and blazing sword voiced for the first time makes me hopeful for a remake of those games some day. Either way this game is pure fan service to a series regular like me 🙂

  2. Oh please… Please stop this, Nintendo!!! This is just an "adaptation" of the system used in FF Brave Exvius ( Heroes summoning, "Pay Energy to Play" System and who knowns what else they might throw in). Its that the great strategy that Nintendo had for mobiles? Copying other companies big hits? With Mario Run ( copied from "Megaman Xover", which was highly criticized for its "bad gameplay"), Pokemon Go ( a prototype and unfinished game that copied a lot of things from "Ingress") and now this… The worst of it all, its the "Orb system" similar to the "Energy system" that Square Enix uses. Why, you ask? Because if this game succeds in getting away with it, it might mean the end of gameplay as we know it. You can no longer play all the time you want, if you are not willing to pay for it. Thats wrong!!! In old times we used to pay ONLY ONE price for a game, and after that price was paid ( after buying the game) the game was all yours to play all the time that you wanted. But now, you play WHEN THEY SAY YOU CAN ( only if you are not willing to pay they prices) resulting that we have to accomodate our playtime to their please. This is going the wrong way, we cannot accept this. I know you love Fire Emblem ( I do), but please, dont support this game, dont let them get away with this or else, sooner or later, the videogame Industry will be doomed at the hands of uninnovative "Cashgrab-Only" games. 'Nuff said…

  3. The thumbtail looks like Lucian is about to land one of the meanest ping pong forehand shot ever.

  4. Looks good but I have a feeling the paywall will stop me from enjoying it. I am waiting to see how bad the microtransactions are going to be.

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