Fire Emblem Heroes – Testing out Cancel Affinity 3 Calculations


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  1. Does Cancel Affinity works against raven tomes? What about wolf tomes and the new anti-cavalry weapons, or anti-armor ones? Does it only apply to 'color' based modifiers?


    Do you seriously think that Players are gonna give up Desperation and Breakers for a skill that only gives them, like, 3 MATCHUPS?!?!
    This skill isn't becoming meta, The Passive B slot has too much competition.

    Starting to hate this story over Cancel Affinity.

  3. What's the difference between Cancel Affinity 2 and 3? What happens exactly between CA2 against TA3 and CA3 against TA3?

  4. I'm a bit confused, so does this neutralize effective against bonuses or does it only apply to colorless units? i.e. flying unit with CA vs bow.

  5. Wait a minute. Why is Mathilda getting 1.4x on Selena? She doesn't have Triangle Affinity or a Gem weapon, so she should be getting 1.2. Does Cancel Affinity ALSO work as an affinity skill itself?

  6. Weird you would think Cancel Affinity 3 would work BETTER against Triangle Adept 1 and 2 not worse.

  7. Basically, a unit like Nowi/Young Tiki would greatly benefit from it since the only weapons with an advantage on them, beside the basic triangle advantage (Falchion, Naga and Poison Dagger) will have their power decrease.
    I honestly think dragons are the one who want it above anyone else since they have already good defensive stats and only a bad matchup mostly againt the weapons that I named. No triangle adept anymore, they can have something else as A, like the ones of Summer Tiki and Celica to increase their bulk even more and take down Lucinas, Kageros, Julias more easily.

  8. Thanks for the great video!

    I wonder what happens if a hero equips both TA3 (A slot) and Cancel Affinity (B slot) at the same time, and fight against a foe who is in advantage against the hero but does NOT have affinity weapon/skill.

    Normally, a hero with TA 3 only deals 60% damage to and takes 140% damage from the foe who is in advantage against the hero. However, if the hero has CA3 at the same time, then I assume CA will negate -20% affinity penalty (since CA negates owner's affinity), thus the hero can deal 80% damage to and takes only 120% damage from the foe. If it's true, then it should be worth equipping TA3 and CA3 at the same time.

    Could you test it? I wish I could do it by myself but I don't have Mathilda 🙁

  9. what if Mathilda uses a sapphire lance or triangle adept at the same time as using cancel affinity?

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