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  1. one thing I don't understand. If I fill up info for slot 2,4,6 I get for example 6 permutations. If I only give infor for slot 2 (spd for example) and leave the others blank, I get 0 options. Shouldn't there be an equal or higher number of options if I put fewer restrictions?

  2. I take it I should prioritize progession monsters for this? Such as my Giants team, Dragon Team monsters, followed by other monsters I use, but…

    What of more precise prioritization? Should I prioritize supports for my best runes first?

  3. Ok, I'm having a problem with the JSON file. Its like it isn't being saved on my computer. The proxy says it is, but when I try to DL it to the optimizer, its gone! Any ideas on whats going on?

  4. Hi, Mr. Motivational Gamer. Are you sure my account won't be banned if i use this? this video is very helpful.

  5. I can't get this to work. I put in my ip address into my proxy and when I open the app, summoner wars won't open. Can't seem to get around this, any ideas? Would like to use this since I am still kinda new and this would help me out with my monsters.

  6. Thanks TMG! You are the man! Miss all your SW streams bro! Thanks again for this heads up this is amazing!

  7. the proxy doesnt work on me. idk why but after i start the proxy i went to settings and then put on manual for proxy and type everything that is needed. when i did it on my ipad it didnt let me connect to internet. but when i tried it on my samsung s7, it manage to reach the Game start screen but wont let me get inside the game. Im just stuck.

  8. what can I do when I got new runes? do I need to re-do it again? because when I optimize it, the rune doesn't appear. can u or s1 help me with this? ty

  9. Upvote this so everyone realises- it DOES NOT PICK THE BEST RUNES FOR YOUR MONSTERS, it picks the ones with the best stat rolls. for example a resistance rune is valued above a CR and CD rune etc. Please use the tool as an AID, but this does not FIX your rune problems, you know where your best runes are, so please look at other rune guides.

  10. Hey TMG, or anyone, this is awesome but im maybe mid game ish. So I ran this optimizer and it worked!! Ok but my question is this doesnt seem to help me becasue all the runes in my box are not leveled so is this something I will use more later in the game or is there a way for me to use it now, idk maybe im missing something.

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