(FIX!!) How to Fix All XmodGames Issues on Android!!

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  1. I have basketball stars and up to date mod but after launch the game and click xmodgames icon then click mods and my game force close. Nothing appears only game closes and I am returned to the my games menu in xmod. After launching and trying again is same for this game why?

  2. My Prob is, Getting Disconnected on Mcpe Servers. Please Help me I Would Really be Happy!

  3. help when I use it for basketball stars basketball stars crashes but basketball stars works when I dont use xmods but it works with other games

  4. I want to mod coc I open it then press xmod I change coins too 100000 I checked my coc its still 2000 it did not worked

  5. Hey buddy when I start the app after sliding three times the screen freezes and nothing happens the power button also doesn't work.I am doing these things on a digiflip pro et701 model with kitkat 4.4.2 model.Plzz help me fix this issue.

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