*FIXED 2019* How To Fix Revoked TweakBox Apps (UNABLE TO VERIFY APP FIX)

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Have you ever tried opening up an app but instead got a pop-up saying “Unable To Verify App”? Well here’s a fix for those revoked apps:)
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First of all, however, I would like to formally apologize for whatever that was at the beginning of the video. I tried to make it interesting and it became ungodly cringe but there’s no turning back now.

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[UPDATED] The Site Used In This Method: https://next.tweakboxapp.com

Download the TweakBox App: https://tweakboxapp.com

Hey guys, so apparently some people have been having trouble with the link. The way the link works is that it is going to open a second tab once you hit the “Skip Ad” button. If the platform you’re on (in this case, probably using the Safari app through YouTube instead of directly using the Safari app) cannot open multiple tabs, you’re gonna get a blank screen. If you’re not able to copy the link and paste it directly into the Safari app, you’ll probably need to do it from the YouTube app, so try this; When you hit the link, the YouTube app might ask you to open it in Safari. Go ahead and hit the “Open” button next to Safari. THIS WILL NOT ACTUALLY TAKE YOU TO THE SAFARI APP, it will only open a version of Safari through the YouTube app itself WHICH CANNOT OPEN MULTIPLE TABS. Once you’re there, before you touch anything, go to the very bottom right corner of your phone’s screen and you’ll see an icon that looks similar to the Safari app’s logo. Go ahead and tap that, and you should be redirected to the actual Safari app (make sure you can tell that you’re not still on the YouTube app) where you’ll get to the site mentioned in this video. Follow the steps (hit the skip ad, get redirected, etc.) and pretty much just follow along with the rest of the video and you guys should be good! Hope this helped!

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IMPORTANT: Make sure you stay up to date… with updates… on TweakBox’s Twitter Accounts: @TweakBoxApp & @TweakboxSupport. You don’t have to follow them, but at least follow up on their posts just in case there are app revokes from TweakBox, or in case your apps stop working. They’ll be letting you know what’s going on, and how to fix it! But I’m always here to help:)

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  1. Gavink help i have a problem I want to download gta sa but it starts downloading and it don’t stops, also % are not +

  2. Hello its gonna crash again 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ i thought u were fixing permanently imagine delete download delete download thousands of times

  3. If you click on the app right now you get a “reward for paypall” with no backout so you can’t even look at the app.

  4. Thank u so much I just downloaded this because my friend told me about the app and I had no idea what it was thanks for the help

  5. Hello, can anyone help me I installed Pdf expert by Chinese store and now cannot open it and need verification and all my files in the app. How can I restore these files it is so imoprtant to me. Please, can anyone help me?

  6. Every time I do that the next couple days it works but then I need to verify again

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