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  1. i watched this video and brought the game i have brought all the fm games since 20008 and the game has got better but my gripe is i have brought new speakers for my lap top to have better sound and when i ran the match engine i had to turn my sond off i was hoping to hear full match comertry but all i got was the crowd i think it about time you have match comertry like the pes and fifa 2017 please get back to me with your findings as i was disspointed you did not add live comertry to this years edition

  2. Players are missing on FM17 I can't find the Brazilian young forward Luan and Columbian defender Eder Balanta. They were both in FM16

  3. i m thinking why in the earth they keep using this annoying colours black-green-blue. the colour interface FM 2013. white/blue was much more suitable

  4. Loving the new features, I've wanted minor changes ever since I started playing the series with FM 2014. I have to say you guys have done an incredible job.

  5. How to post game updates to facebook? I have already loggied in under preference and I am unable to find that post to facebook button!

  6. You people need to revolutionize press conferences, it has a lot of potential but currently is extreme shit.

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