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Welcome to the Rise of the Robins. we will attempt to take Altrincham FC in FM18 all the way from the Evo-Stik Premier League to the actual Premier League in Football Manager 2018.

This is LLM (lower league management) at its finest. it’s going to be a long tough challenge, we need to keep an eye on finances, and build a new bright future for the club. I have been hired as the official Altrincham Football Manager Manager so let’s not get sacked in our first season!

We are in the Championship!, we are now officially a professional football club! just need a new stadium now!

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  1. Just a suggestion: you could look at getting some affiliates in other countries to boost your profile – would bring in extra merchandise moneys 😀

  2. When you asked if Lessley's time up, you sounded like the lady from the Weakest Link! I was LoL'ing and yes i think hes done with the Mighty Alty army! Big Dan Wood will be a much better replacement!

  3. If you want to kill off games, don't go direct. Use short passing, much lower tempo, waste time, retain possession, be more disciplined, dribble less etc. Going direct just gives the ball away and invites pressure, while shorter passing prevents them from attacking as much.

    Also, 5-2-3 is probably the most OP tactic in FM18 but who cares at this point 😛

  4. If you use the 5-2-3 for the rest of the season, you’re guaranteed play-offs or you might even get automatic promotion. That’s how op that tactic is lol

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