FM18 Gamechangers : What if I managed James' Saints Save on Football Manager 2018


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  1. Some very useful info here Daljit, thank. Lamina is a very good mezalla as well, scored me many goals.

  2. I have played saints many times and Cedric can be the main creator in a 4-3-3 narrow. I put Ward-Prowse in right back one season and i think he had something like 18 assits.

  3. Rolando Mandragora is one of the best ragista players ive had, He did amazing in that role. Brought him in as a backup for Jorginho and he replaced him as the first choice, Jorginho wanted to leave so I replaced him with Lucas Torreira, he got out performed aswell. Nothing specific about his stats to make him out shine this kind of players. Him and Walter Kannemann is my best buys in fm 18 in terms of quality for money:D

  4. Help me please, my players never score from free kicks or penalties. Players with free kick of 16+ hardly ever score, but not scoring penalties is what really hurts ,I use players with 14-14 penalty-composure.
    Should I ask him in team talk to be calm 3-4 times a game or should I let him focus only on penalties throughout the season?
    I do focus on attacking set pieces when my ass. man advices me so the corner routines are successful sometimes.

  5. Is it possible fro you to upload that live stream video you did a few days ago about transition?

  6. i usually train my u18s strikers as complete forwards. it makes them improve in more attributes

  7. Someone needs to send you a save where they are the worst on every stat on Premier League. I'm managings something like that right now and I think there's where you can better use your skills. I could use help though.

  8. Is that Johny English in U18? That spells disaster, just imagine Rowan Atkinson as a towering forward….

  9. Hey, is a 3 month cycle of Fitness, Tactics, Ball controll also fine for the u19 ? And is it better to have high general Training or high addiotinal focus?

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