FM19 Journeyman – Giant European Database Download & Install Instructions – Football Manager 2019


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FM19 Journeyman – Giant European Database Download & Install Instructions – Football Manager 2019was extracted from

Football Manager 2019 Journeyman Database is here. Big thanks to Claassen and @TheFMEditor85 for making the European Database work with the new FM19 patch.

In this video, I will show you what countries will be loaded for the Journeyman Europe save this year and also show you how to download and install the league database

You can download the giant European database here:

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  1. Maybe I'm being stupid. Just tried to do this and got offered a job with a lower league French team which I accepted. The squad only has 3 actual players and the rest are greyed out with no value and rubbish stats?

  2. how many of the countries/ leagues do you start with? and if you dont use them all do you add and remove as you go along?

  3. Are you sure the database works? Even though I have the file unzipped in editor data, database loaded and tick every country when loading database it only gives me the original option for Finland (two leagues) and not the extra div.2 and div.3 that should be included in claassens database.

  4. Mate I just discovered your channel, you're doing such a damn great job being a straight up nice dude. Also, you have a Feyenoord scarf behind you? Please take my subscription!

  5. Oh yeah!! Loki finaly you start a new journeyman!!. Can't wait to join your new adventure! 😎👍🏻

  6. Yes, excited for this. And im going to try and keep up with this series (which is why I'm only watching it 4 days late).

  7. You have only serie B for Italy, as of default. Remember to check every single one of them before start… oh well, too late.

  8. i hope you end up in Finland at somepoint. there is a team called Jippo in the second division (Kakkonen) which is located pretty close to me. Would love to hear you pronounce all those finnish names.😂

  9. Can't wait for this. So Excited!
    Don't go to the Croatian 3rd Division… That's my story on my channel! Haha!

    Seriously, so looking forward to this and so happy Journeyman is back on YouTube!

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