Football Manager 2017! | First Impressions / FM17 Beta Review


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  1. Got it on sale from Amazon for 18 pounds, loving the game. I'm doing a Southampton career and it's so much fun.

  2. Will I like this game if I don't like football and I'm not really into management games and I don't really like simulations or video games? This isn't even my phone I'm writing from. I don't own a PC. So should I buy it?

  3. It's not about being "old fashion" to prefer a physical copy. It demands less HD space. Unfortunately, which you don't seem to know, you can't install things from a DVD disc anymore, starting last year. So I have both a useless disc of FM16 and Civ6 that the only value is the serial numbers. So you have to download the whole game from Steam EVEN if you have a disc. I blame Windows 10 for this, cause Microsoft erased more or less DVD drivers with they're new system.

  4. Wont be buying this. I would have if they would have atleast changed it, but it's a reskin of FM 2016. I'm not playing £30 for a reskin. Fuck this.

  5. At this point people need to stop buying FM each year and giving them your hard earned money for putting out basically the exact same game with slight match engine tweaks and an updated database. SI are taking you for mugs.

  6. I love FM and this year was looking forward even more to managing my club Bristol Rovers Two promotions in two years we got bought out by a multi millionaire family the Al Qadis in February. So was at least hoping for a half decent team and a decent budget plus no debt as the family cleared all debts rovers had yet all the players have the same ratings as when we were in the conference, budget crap and a debt of 4.1million not a happy fm bunny!!!!

  7. "Beeta? What the fudge is a beeta?" BAIT-UH. I get it now. I'm an American so I'm not sure if that's just a difference in pronunciation.

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