Football Manager 2018 Experiment: 95/96 Season Database – FM18 Experiment – Part 3


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A Football Manager 2018 Experiment, what if you had the 95/96 season in Football Manager 2018? In this FM18 Experiment we’re taking a look at what would happen if you changed all of the teams and players in the FM18 database so that they were from the nineties?

Using a Football Manager database that you can easily download below, we’re going to see how the world of football changes over the next few years with the new teams and players.

The teams have been flipped and moved around so that the leagues are set up in the way they were in 95/96. With the players representing their historic values, it will be interesting to see which players come out on top using the FM18 engine.

Even players like Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard are in the game as 14 and 15 year olds so you can develop all the future wonderkids at your leisure in Football Manager 2018.

The FM 18 experiment database is also free to download, so you just need to click the link down below to give this experiment a try!

This is one of the most exciting Football Manager 2018 Experiments that I’ve done so far and so if you love Football Manager, make sure to leave a like down below!

The make up of Europe in FM18 is completely turned over in this Football Manager Experiment and it’s going to take some time to see how long it takes to balance out!

Football Manager 2018 handles these issues in unusual ways and we’re going to progress time forward to see which teams are struggling and which teams are taking advantage of the situation.

Let me know if you have other suggestions for Football Manager 18 Experiments or if you want to see more form this one!


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  1. Enjoyed watching these and gonna give the database a go myself now but mate your knowledge of older players is shocking lol

  2. Hey! I'm Portuguese, and I've been watching your videos. I love them. If you do a new experiment with players, can you do it with Sporting? ❤️ I would love to see us wining again the championship. And trying to do something in the Europa/champions league

  3. Many players do United have they seem to be buying everyone but not selling many plus they still have the class of 92 squad to come through which is gonna be weird not seeing the likes of Beckham, Scholes and Giggs not playing every game…

  4. Do a backwards database instead of giving say a prem team money make them have non and see how quickly it takes to make them a non league team

  5. Please show more the italian teams, even though the league is not loaded, the teams should be going to UCL and UEL.

  6. 22:18

    Panathinaikos has sold their best players…

    If only the game had them keep the 1996 European success they would have a better reputation so they would keep them(the wonderkids the starting eleven are propably retired from international duty)…Unfortunately the Champions League is not fixed(It has United and Liverpool in the first season!!!!)

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