Football Manager 2018 Experiment: What If A Tier 22 Team Had Unlimited Cash? – Part 4!


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A Football Manager 2018 Experiment, what if a tier 22 english team had unlimited cash? In this FM18 Experiment we’re taking a look at what would happen if you gave the lowest rank team in all of England an endless money supply?

Using a Football Manager database that you can easily download below, we’re going to see how long it take the lowest rank English side to rise to the top of world football in FM18.

The team we’re using in this FM18 experiment is Fairwarp and given they don’t even have a Wikipedia page, they really are a non-league FM18 team in the biggest possible way!

The club we’re using has every player greyed out, so we need to give them the money and a little reputation boost so that the Football Manager 2018 database can ensure the team signs players.

The FM 18 experiment database is also free to download, so you just need to click the link down below to give this experiment a try!

This is one of the most exciting Football Manager 2018 Experiments that I’ve done so far and so if you love Football Manager, make sure to leave a like down below!

The make up of Europe in FM18 is completely turned over in this Football Manager Experiment and it’s going to take some time to see how far up the pyramid they can go!

Football Manager 2018 handles these issues in unusual ways and we’re going to progress time forward to see which teams are struggling and which teams are taking advantage of the situation.

Let me know if you have other suggestions for Football Manager 18 Experiments or if you want to see more form this one!


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  1. I saw one player valued at like 5k or less but his wage was 67k madness lol. Never seen such a dramatic change in form…even with the crop of players they had that finished 8th then next season absolutely shocking…

  2. Peter Bentley was involved in the running of the Sussex county football league which a couple of years ago became the southern combination football league(so they could keep the web address) for many years. Sadly he passed away last year so the trophy was named after him

  3. Pump in more money, increase reputation as it would increase heaps with such a meteoric rise, increase stadium size too.

  4. Suggestion: when you finish up this experiment, maybe spend 5 minutes and show us the prem league history, world cup, etc. always good to see when things go this far fowrard

  5. Before you finish up can you just look at like the top leagues world cup that sorta thing please

  6. In the last season there is a player on $67,000 a week!!!!! And he's not even the most expensive player

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