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Football Manager 2018 tactic guide with an old school 442 thats great for LLM FM18

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  1. I use the same, only I have advanced mid instead of ball win and attack fullbacks instead of support. yes I still play this version.not 19

  2. Could I change the central mid to an Attacking Mid and change the BWM to a Box to Box mid without ruining the squad?

  3. Can't believe changing out my passing mids with a bwm and cm and telling the lads to close down more was all I needed to do. We are now chopping after three hard seasons. Cheers.

  4. This tactic got me to the second tier in Spain with Badalona on FM Touch. It seems like the opposition has figured me out now.

  5. Hiya mate

    Trying this with Hungerford town. Finding fair success (predicted 23rd sitting 6th in December first season). This included a cracking run of form against far better sides early on.

    I’m finding some inconsistencies but I believe that may be due to now having adequate wage budget to sign a better quality player than I have. Better players for each role = better results.

    However I wanted to pick your brain on the mentality and structure. I find that sometimes playing standard leaves us making chances but not getting them on target as often as I’d like, then we could end up losing to a “lucky” goal.

    Or some matches I start on standard and end up 3-0 down in 25 mins only to switch to counter and play slightly better.

    Any tips on how to make it a little more consistent? Possibly asking all players to ‘shoot less often’ might help. How much did you change or tweak in your earlier seasons?

    Again I feel this is a great tactic I just would like to see how it plays when I can build up a better team of players.


  6. Thank you! I barely made promotion to VNL with Bognor Regis and struggled a lot in the league. After employing this tactic and getting a decent winger I managed to snap 3 away wins in a row!

  7. This tactic simply did not work with Wrexham. Although 4-4-2 was a solid formation, the roles, duties and instructions for team as well as individuals had the team all over the place… back to the drawing board… apologies for the negativity

  8. Thanks again for introducing such a great tactic for LLM. I have used a similar 4-4-2 for my Concord Rangers save (at least the same roles for all the position but with less PI / TI). We are now moved to L1 after 3 successive promotions! But I found a serious problem in my full backs. They usually got very low ratings in the game (average rating about 6.6 – 6.7). Can you suggest some changes to solve the problem or are there any essential attributes required for the full backs to perform well? I found that the tackle percentage / passing percentage of the full backs are actually quite high. Therefore I have no idea why they have such a low average rating.

  9. Great tactic! But I have one question to ask. Can I change the target man to a DLF / Defensive Forward if I don't have a 'big' striker for the target man role?

  10. Was excited to try this. Sadly it didn't really work out. I started as Mickleover Sports in the Regional Premier League. The squad (after transfers) wasn't too shabby, I definitely felt that with the right tactic (and this looked like the right tactic) that I might be in with a shot of promotion. Sadly my form was all over the place. Home form was especially bad. There was certainly no way that I could leave the tactic as it was mid-game because the opposition regularly turned the tide with a tactical change. I got to mid-season and it was just clear that the inconsistency wasn't going away.

  11. Is a counter tactic the main reason for advancing so quickly? So with an attacking, oriented tactic there is a slimmer outlook?

  12. Hi Mate ; first thank you for keeping this channel a live keep the good work ♥
    then 🙂 , i found that main training setup is not only effect attributes , but also effects on the next match , and this is very realistic you know why ? sure if you keep train your players on passing using ball control setup . there will be no Logic if you played on counter or defensive shape on match day while using ball control as main training setup !!! so you maybe using fitness and some defending training , with this tactic and that's why it worked for you perfectly , for my tactic i use ball control as i'm playing in control shape , and when there is a long international games or more than one weak off without any games , i change that to attacking or tactical with sometimes fitness or defending , but the main training setup is always ball control as i want them to control , so for me i think its really effects on the match itself not only attributes , for me that's make more sense ,
    i need your opinion here mate . what do you think ?

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