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Welcome to this FM19 tutorial episode where i will show you in some VERY simple steps how to add any individual player picture to your Football Manager 2019 game.

In this Football Manager 2019 Tutorial i will also explain how to clear the background of any player picture to create a player cut-out face picture for your game!


❇ STEP 1❇
Open up Football Manager 2019➡ Go to Preferences➡ Interface➡Show screen IDs in Title bar to assist skinning ✅

❇Step 2❇
Open up Web browser➡Google➡ Search the players picture you want to add➡ Save the picture(Remember where you save it) ➡Open up ➡ Open your player picture➡ Select the magic wand Icon➡ adjust tolerance and delete the background ➡ Save as! MUST SAVE AS A PNG format!!

❇Step 3❇
Open FM19 just to check the players ID number➡ Open the picture you just edited from & Change the file name to match the PLAYERS ID number!! ➡ Right click & Copy the player picture file ➡ Paste into ➡Documents➡Sports Interactive➡Football Manager 2019➡Graphics➡Facepacks✅
Next Open up the Config File(usually at the bottom)➡Right click & open with notepad➡Copy One full line in the config file and paste on the line below➡ Then change both the Player IDs numbers to the one of the player your adding➡SAVE✅

❇Step 4❇

Open Football Manager 2019➡ Preferences➡Interface➡ Clear Cache – Confirmâś…
Again Open Preferences➡ Interface➡ Untick Show screen IDs in title bar to assist skinning➡ Reload Skin- Confirm✅

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  1. Thanks so much for this video. Tried to do it on my own….didnt know about config file part. Much appreciated.

  2. In 2020 i opened the config file and it took me to internet explorer so i cannot edit the file, any ideas?

  3. very hellpfull! The downloadlink is not working for me but its fine i took a Fati picture in fullsice into the game at least to "Shadowperson" playing on my left wing anymore!

  4. Hi! I do not have any folder called "graphics" so I get stucked in that part… Do I hace tto download a facepack or something like that that creates this folder? first time playing this game and I just downloaded recently on Steam…

  5. i want to add a photo to my club's director. I can´t enter the profile, because he is a director, so how can i know his ID?

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