1. really easy simple to follow guide perfect video i literally forget how to do this every year XD

  2. for some reason I can't find any graphics to download for fm19
    I can find only fm20 logos and kits packs. Can I install it for fm19 ?

  3. Hello,will there be any difference if i downloaded either TCM Pack or Metalic pack from sortioutsi ?,
    and thanks for the good tutorial

    Firstly, thank you for your wonderful tutorials, you make everything so easy to do.
    Secondly, can you please make a tutorial on how to do the audio commentary for FM19? i have seen a lot of blogs about but no tutorial, can we really get an audio commentary or it's not real? PLEASE RESPOND

  5. Hi, I need an immediate response please. I don't have the sports interactive folder for some reason, why is that? And can I create my own or does it have some pre-code in it?

  6. Anyone with problems with logos and mojave OS??? I've been trying a lot of different logo packs but for some reason the game doesn't recognize Portugal, France, Italy, Spain logos!!! Ideas anyone?

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