Football Manager 2020 – How to Download Kits, Faces, Logos and Real Competition Names – FM20


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This is a Football Manager 2020 video showing you how to download the real faces of players, team kits and bages, and the real name fixes for FM20.

The facepacks cover every player and member of staff in FM 20 and the badges can be downloaded for every major league.

The real name fix will bring Juventus back into the game, and remove the acronyms for Brazilian teams.

If you have any problems with how to download the kits, badges, face packs and real names in Football Manager, leave a comment down below.

They can all be downloaded from

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  1. the scope megapack in missing link download button,, can you share the file of scope megapack to your google drive and share the link?

  2. Hi mate,
    Unrelated, but I have a new laptop and installed FM 2020 as per but cant seem to get it to update?? Can anyone help?

  3. Nothing is coming up in the fm2020 after I’ve downloaded the file any idea why that might be happening?

  4. Can you implement these into a saved career or do you need to start a new one after the download has occurred, this is because I’ve been doing a career mode without this but will do this but need to know whether I should make another career mode after

  5. Has the logo pack been copyright struck? No option to download if anyone at all knows a place to download the skins and logos for free please let me know.

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