FORTNITE | Aim Guide – Aim Tips To Shoot Like A Pro


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  1. Techquickie, the Youtube channel has a great video or two about understanding dpi/cpi and mouse acceleration. As well there is another setting people over look (and i forget the name) but it is how fast or slow your mouse will refresh, it cost a bit of cpu according to my mouse's software but i doubt much. I noticed a big difference when I turned it to max after years of playing on a low refresh rate.

  2. It's so satisfying getting a kill in this game, I make top 15 practically every game (don't mean to sound like a douche) but add me on p4 if u down to play DUO'S or someshit Melo-Redrum

  3. Well unfortunately as fast as battle real came out and took everything by storm it was fun to play now it's just frustrating because there's so many people playing you don't even get a chance to drop and get a weapon in peace no matter where you drop it could be in the middle of the f**** woods and they'll be 30 people dropping their and only one guns Von's but they'll be 30 people going for it game not fun no more too many players

  4. i srsly dont get this game… sometimes i feel like im shooting blanks… sometimes the scar is a laser and i can hold down and spray headshots across map… sometimes i cant hit singleshots on a guy who stand right in front of me…

    i came to the conclusion that assault rifles are to risky/uncontrollable in this game and either go for sniper kills or shotgun kills only…

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