Fortnite Battle Royale | Hackers, Aimbots And It Could Get Worse


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  1. I've had about 7 hackers so far. Luckily you can watch what they do after you get killed by them. The last guy was off to the west of Pleasant Park. Guy got on top of the cliff and I got killed by him when there were 4 people left with an M16 (least arccurate rifle), from at the very least 600 to 700 meter away, through a tiny hole in a tree, whilst i was moving. So I thought it was suspicious and watch him go on to be able to somehow know where the other's were and killed them all as wel, although strangely enough all his other weapons which were a semi auto sniper and a bolt action, he couldn't aim for shit, but as soon as he got the M16 out he was pinpoint accurate at ridiculous range.

  2. So they released the update for Duos and Supply drops today and if the patch notes contain any good information I will make a video on that too 🙂

  3. I don't understand cheaters. Is it really satisfying to win in such a way when they really lack the skill to do so without hacks? Pathetic.

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