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  1. I’ve played both games, I think they’re both really good, but I prefer PUBG at the moment, I just like the Post-Apocalyptic feel PUBG has and the more serious looking outfits and customization, it’s just more of a realistic feel with Vests and Helmets and stuff rather than Potions and the cartoony art that Fortnite has. If it’s a life or death battle to the last man standing I want it to feel and look like it, I don’t want it to look like Spongebob on a nice sunny day with cute little stores.. Also, PUBG is a bit more slow paced which makes looting fun because it’s nice and quiet so it brings an intense feeling of survival, and the Vehicles and stuff in PUBG are nice. Fortnite currently doesn’t have vehicles since the map is so small. Overall it’s just personal preference.

  2. I played battle royal on Arma 2 like 2 or 3 years ago then played it on Arma 3 shortly after and now everyone thinks it's new lol. But hey that's fine I'm glad they made exact copies it's a good game type just like I'm glad capture the flag is in other games besides halo.

  3. Fortnite is much more relaxed compared to pubg, which I enjoy very much. I never really liked pubg to be honest.

  4. Imagine all the weapons from the stand alone game. I mean like the katana, hammer, the different guns, jesus this would be a great game. Plus the character customization.

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