Fortnite: How to FIX YOUR AIM! (Fortnite Battle Royale Tips and Tricks to WIN)


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Fortnite Battle Royale has a BIG problem that needs to be fixed, mouse acceleration. This tutorial shows you how to disable mouse acceleration and greatly improve your aim in Fortnite!

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1) Go start then type in “run”
2) Type in %localappdata% and press ok
3) Go to FortniteGame\Saved\Config\WindowsClient
4) Right click UserGameSettings.ini, go to “open with” and click notepad
5) Find “bDisableMouseAcceleration=False” and change it to “bDisableMouseAcceleration=True” (this disables the mouse acceleration)
6) Go to file, then save
7) Go back to the folder and right click UserGameSettings.ini, and click properties
8) Tick the “read-only” box, click apply and then ok
9) You’re done!

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  1. OMFG thats me being wrecked nbecause i was new LOL

    3:23 LOLOLOLOLOLOL i havent even played fortnite that much holy shit how amn i there wtf

  2. yo so iam on ps4 and i have connected my mouse and keyboard and for some reason when i shoot with the AR the aim goes flying and its so bad but shotgun fights is alright with mouse and keyboard on ps4. Is there anyway i could turn off mouse acceleration

  3. is there anything i have to change in my windows mouse settings to ensure best performance? or does my mouse software override windows settings? i have the cooler master mm520 mouse

  4. im so thankful to you man. Ive been wondering wtf has been going on with my aim. Ive never been so bad at aiming in any other game ever. I just turned off the acceleration and my aim is SO much better. Thank you
    also the fact that they have that as a default setting and that its hidden like that is outrageous :/

  5. Honestly i hated playing this game on pc keyboard n mouse which was the only game i was like that for because of this specific reason so i used the controller but it would put me behind other players with building and etc and it was ruining the game for me honestly to the point where i was going to quit. But thanks to this man you fixed my problem thank you. you get a sub and thumps up from me.

  6. I have no problem with the tutorial at all! Thanks a lot. By the way, in the FortniteGame/Saved/config/WindowsClient folder of yours had many ".ini" files, but I had only "GameUserSettings" file.. why though?

  7. Is there any other tips lie this I must know now now tell me what else should I change in the script

  8. Games like CS GO, Halo, etc. I have good aim but when I go to fortnite my aim is wack. Btw thank you for making this vid

  9. This is exactly what i wanted, couldn't understand why it was so hard to hit people in this game instantly got better results.

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