1. i highly doubt that you will be banned but if you want to reduce any chance
    maybe don’t max out credits, just do (say) 300,000,000 or so 😉

  2. I absolutely love you I have been searching all over for this thank you so
    freaking much. Haha. I’m going to say something about you in all the videos
    I make. But one question will I get banned if I do it on Xbox live

  3. Try watching my new video on this subject if your are confused 🙂 the link
    is in the description for the video

  4. I have tested the link and it is still working 😛 on the first page click
    “skip ad” after 5 seconds, then enter the password on the mediafire page to
    unlock and preform download 🙂

  5. I will help you out but i cant add you onb XBL, idk why. Try adding me
    instead? 🙂 GT: JoshTheGamer777

  6. Will buy car off you from auction when I get home from holidays in Wales 😀
    I’ll be back online by tuesday 🙂

  7. hello guys its me again , just letting you all know 3 things I have 700 000
    000 so I’ll gladly purchase you a car , never race josh he cheats bigtime ,
    and hit the subscribe button for him .

  8. I didnt mean to crash at the end or start 😛 but it did seem that you came
    off worse in the first collision (sorry btw i never driven that car before)
    🙂 Thanks for offering and helping me out 😛 whenever you need some credits
    or anything i’m happy to help 🙂

  9. Hey man I got this to work the first time I did it, and I only did like
    900000 credits just to see if it would work, and now it won’t work and
    won’t keep my settings saved!! I’ve tried it like 10 times and it won’t
    work now, So if you could please Hook me up with a bunch of credits that’d
    be Amazing! My gamertag is FR Mike please man message or reply back thanks.

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