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  1. Nice I Wanted Fraps To Record Gmod I’ve Tried So Many Other Screen
    Recording Software Woah Nice Background On Your Computer That Really IS
    AWESOME Thanks So Much I Love All Of Your Videos Thats Probably Why You
    Have 1,000 Subs!!!

  2. Love fraps can mess with recordings and frame rates now and then but this
    is really necessary for those who can’t afford to purchase it. So well done
    for putting this up there :)

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  4. Yo man thanks for this tutorial, it really helped me a lot, I searched for
    some similar vids but yours was the best

  5. well i tought is was fake but its not its working belive me guys is working
    thank you butty ..!!!
    Nice job bro

  6. free thanks i liked your video and subbed your channel thanks mate please
    make more videos soon looks good

  7. great i needed this i also liked your video and subscribed to your channel
    thanks again for this.

  8. I only use fraps to record encounters on world of warcraft, can you use it
    for any other game too?

  9. Thank you my friend.This tutorial helped me to record videos.I cannot tell
    you how helpful you are.Again thank you.

  10. Cool, very cool video. Now I can write games that I play. Very cool

  11. This tutorial helped my allot, just awesome this and thank you very much
    for uploading this video mate!

  12. helped a bunch thanks for sharing with us and all i had to do was click the
    link much love thanks again

  13. thank you alot for this tutorial. for the life of me i couldn’t find a
    proper method to do this. now i can enjoy recording my game footage on my
    channel with fraps. can’t wait for you to do more tutorials like this…
    you rock!

  14. I don’t know how to speak German sadly but I did get the tutorial and I now
    know how to do this! cheers for doing them !

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