FREDDY RAGE – Playing Dirty [#212] Dead by Daylight with HybridPanda


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Hi guys I see you at the bottom of my description. Just wanted to say thanks for watching my videos, I have been making content on YouTube since 2006 and I love it. Every view every like every sub is massively appreciated, I have been through years of this channel being stagnant and it feels amazing to be doing well. I can’t thank you enough for chilling with me and joining me on this adventure!

Have a brilliant day!


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  1. I dont understand why you would want the survivor to take long to enter the dreamworld, it just seems to me they trying to make it out as a good thing but I notice even without them addons it's too slow and if the survivor open the gate wave goodbye to them because before you got them in the dreamworld they already ran for safety as they know they fall asleep. I rather have an addon that lowest the time to pull them into the dreamworld, and is it me or is it that freddy is much slower than the other killers

  2. freddy is really really good at slowing the game down. Trick is anytime you are near survivors you must put them to sleep. Never tunnel one into the ground. Switch targets often so you keep them in the dream and see their auras. if you notics survs have self care sleep em and dont get a hit. watch where they go to be woken up or which gen they mess up to wake up. freddy does best when he harrasses everyone equally. Hit rank 1 with freddy multiple times. My favorite 4 perks are nurses calling(for close up aura reading), knockout(to utilize built in deerstalker), blood warden(can catch survivors off guard leads to easy kills), and then discordance or BBQ and chili(your job is easy if you know where they are)

  3. Boil Over is the exact opposite of Iron grasp…best perk combi for freddy are his 3 basics plus Noed…The Block Add Ons are always the best…and no, we are not sick. We are only able to adapt other Playing techniques…you don't follow one subject as freddy. the Key is to know all the Time, where all 4 survs are…thanatophobia is a good Perk for him, too…I often hear this Freddy is weak shit, but i am sorry, there at least 3 Killers weaker than him and the 2 "Best" Killers maybe bring more kills, but for me, clearly not more fun. hillbilly and Nurse suck balls, funwise…

  4. Ive versed high ranl swf bullies on groaning storehouse (last match map) and got a kill fair an square with plenty of hooks. Chases were only slightly long but no more than half a gen plus freddy slows game. Was a balanced game vs optimal bully survivors

  5. To play freddy just be a tryhard and mindgame ez every 2 seconds but idk if panda knows all his mindgames well enough to play kruegerino. Standard moonwalks aren't enough need to mix it up and stuff.

  6. The thing I've noticed about Freddy (at least from a Survivor perspective) is that lotsa people don't play him right. They use perks that don't work with his playstyle, misuse of add-ons, etc. Biggest example: Using Overcharge on Freddy.

  7. I get more triggered by youtubers and streamers who cry about killers who are actually strong like Freddie and say they're weak based on the fact that they constantly choose to miss play just about everything and say it's "Because I'm playing freddie" please.

  8. I don’t get why survivors tbag when they drop a pallet. Like dude. All you did was press the action button.

  9. Hey panda, try patrolling the area and gens that are closer. That's how you play freddy. Make them do gems far away and get beat down when they're stuck to just 3 near you. Good luck.

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