1. I’m staying away from the heli’s. I suck at flying like in battlefield 3 on
    that one co op mission. I didn’t fly for five seconds I just took off 30
    feet in the air and then I did a thing like ‘Whoops I forgot my soda’ and
    crash landed maybe two feet away from where I took off. This happen to
    anyone else?

  2. “I’m litterally just flying around in a hellicopter… maybe not anymore!”
    LOL well done sir!

  3. Noah i realy like ur vids iv been a subscriber like forever and im just
    wondering if we could play together on xbox somtime my gamertag is m wells
    2001 i am from the uk please reply back -PandaDoesMc

  4. Noah how do you record the xbox screen and your voice at the same time
    because I’ve got a roxio hd pro recording system and it is very hard to
    align the audio and the footage. PLEASE HELP

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