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FREE CS:GO HACK🌟CSGO Aimbot, wallhack, LEGIT/RAGE🌟🔥Undetected 09.04.2017🔥was extracted from


*How to install?*

*1.Close game*
*2.Unarchive files and open “start” file, password – 12345.*
*3.Choose directory*
*4.Press “Start”*
*5.Wait a few seconds*
*6.Open game*


Aimbot –

Active – Enables the aimbot
Fire on key – You can set a key for the aimbot
Auto Kill – The aimbot automatically kills anyone within the FOV
Normal mode – The aimbot will only ever check for the center of the aimspot.
Multipoint – The aimbot will check if the the aimspot is visible taking into consideration corners of the aimspot.
Multipoint Full body – This function will make your aimbot aim at the visible spot of the body (f.ex if only the chest is visible)
Damage mode – This function will prioritize the shots that cause the most damage
Damage mode full body – This function will prioritize the shots causing the most damage taking into consideration the whole body.

Triggerbot –

Active – Enables the triggerbot
Overburst – How long in milliseconds the triggerbot will keep shooting after crosshair is off the target
Chest up – Shoots only above the best
Fully body – Shoots the whole body
Overburst factor – How ever long you want the trigger bot to keep shooting in milliseconds

Misc –

Bunnyhop – Hold space bar to automatically bunny hop
Auto strafe – Automatically strafes for you
Auto pistol – Rapid fire pistol
Anti-Aim – Mainly a rage feature if you’re in an hvh, displaces your hitbox so it’s harder for the enemy to hit you
Load , Save – You can load/save your config

Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper –

FOV – The radius in which the aimbot is active
Smooth – How long it will take for the aimbot to reach the targets head (smoothly go to the target)
Target – Head, Neck, Upper chest, Chest, Waist. What the aimbot will target
Recoil – Built into the aimbot, the lower the smoothing the more the recoil with be effective
Silent – Makes your aimbot invisible to only you (recommended to only use at low FOV)
Fire on target – Aimbot will start shooting when it reaches the player model
Autowall – The aimbot will work through penetrable objects

Glow –

Active – Enables glow esp
Visibility check – Checks if the target is visible and if so the esp will change a different color
Full bloom – The whole player model glows
Strength – How strong the glow esp will be

Chams – (chams lights up the player model to make it easier to see them)

Active – Enables chams
See-through – Enables you to see chams through walls
No hands – Makes you have no hands
Wire hands – Makes an orange wire frame for your hands

Other visuals –

Names esp – Allows you to see the players name
HP esp – Allows you to see the players health
Item esp – Allows you to see items like guns nades etc. on the ground
No flash – Disables the flash effect when being flashed
FOV ring – Shows you your FOV for said weapon
Anti-screenshot – When you take a screenshot it turns off visuals for a split second so you can take a screenshot and upload it without it showing the visuals you had on
Spectator ESP – This feature will notify you when somebody is spectating you!

Skin changer –

Pretty self explanatory just choose the skin you want for that weapon press f4 to update and press T to save


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  1. C:Users/matth/Desktop/Start.exe

    Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service

    How do i fix this????

  2. I do not prefer hacks but unless you use it in a community server, but if you use it on competitive, I highly go against it.

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