1. Just got this game torrent from another source, installed both on daemon
    tools and all was fine. Had to go out so quit at the training screen, now i
    cant play it from either disc as it just says needs disc. Why dont people
    leave a set up guide with the torrent and save all this hassle.

  2. got a question, which is sim city series are better, sim city 4 or sim city
    4 deluxe? want to know everyones opinion. thanks

  3. @SpecterryuQuipter If the links are broken try to download on pirate bay
    that’s the thing I did but first you need u torrent then download the
    daemon tools that’s all (and I forget the winrar also)

  4. @will989898 Hey Man Best you go to Torrent and download it Full Version
    after you finsh download it u got 2 ISO Image and burn CD You Must 2 CD’s

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