free ipod touch, itunes gift cards, microsoft points and a whole lot more! SWAGBUCKS

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free ipod touch, itunes gift cards, microsoft points and a whole lot more! SWAGBUCKSwas extracted from


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  1. Hello Everyone ! Heres A Way How To Get A $10 Itunes Gift Card !!!!! Go To The App Store. This Is For Any Apple Device ! Download Juno Wallet In The App Store ! Once Downloaded ! Sign Up. Once You Get To The Inviters Code Put In This Code "AS255531" It Will Give You A $10 Itunes Card ! But First You Must Reach 50 cents! Once You Reach 50 cents , Exit The Application , Turn Your Ipod Off. Then Turn It Back On , Open The Application , You Will Have $10 !!! Your Welcome ! Hope You ENJOY !

  2. How to get $100 free in PayPal or and gift card!! Juno wallet and make an account
    2. Put in the code JT230714
    3. Download the three apps
    4. Redeem your gift card of PayPal money and have fun!

  3. guys dont do these websites that take u years to get a prize. download the app checkpoints on ur ipod. no dumb offers.u just check into stores. then buy a 10$ amazon card with it to buy ur psn card or itunes card on amazon.bonus code elvinudaman. this will strt u with 300 pts.

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  5. i don't know why nobody likes free gift cards, I got mine from bit(.)ly/agQomo and it worked excellent :)) <3

  6. why when people have videos like this or tutorial they record there mouse arrow making that annoying click noise.

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