Free Microsoft Points Generator [ZIPPYSHARE] Working As of June 2013

Free Microsoft Points Generator [ZIPPYSHARE] Working As of June 2013

Must access password.txt after the download has finished)- Site: Download File: Having Trouble Wit…
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  1. You can scan the generator on VirusTotal for your self. The file is safe and clean and does not contain any malicious material.

  2. Points in there I’m thinking about generating another code but I’m not sure how risky that could be? my account is 2 years old

  3. Yes, still working great for people. This took a long time to code and finally an exploit was found through the MS servers which allowed us to be able to generate codes which can be entered through the site or the actual xbox. ENJOY..

  4. took about 30 minutes to get a working code and finally it works for me i’m so happy now xD

  5. Annoying password part but the program is fully functional, worth the time it’s amazing.

  6. coming back to comment and say I am very pleased and grateful you shared this for free :))

  7. Finally got a freakin code… it kept messing up i would close it and reopen and it wasnt giving me a working code. I restarted my pc and tried again and it worked.. weird but awesome 🙂

  8. this is amazing I downloaded it fast and got the password without much of a struggly ;) all worked out in the end got it in my account

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