FREE Microsoft Points – NO DOWNLOADS – June 2013

FREE Microsoft Points - NO DOWNLOADS - June 2013 Hello everyone!! My name is James Scott and i’m an ex-Microsoft employee. They recently fired me so I decided to show you how to get f…
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  1. it’s a shame that we have to pay for dlc and shit. good thing i found your video so i’ll get them for free lol

  2. only 21k views for this amazing video? wow. people should definitely find out about this video. it’s great!! thanks for these amazing codes, master

  3. gonna sell some codes at school. there are lots of desperate guys willing to pay about $20 for 4100 points hahaha. im gonna be rich bitch !! 😀

  4. thanks dude. my country is very poor and i cant afford codes or games or anything like that. with these codes i’ll get some free stuff

  5. I didn’t expect this to work but when I logged into my Live account and tried it I was shocked when I saw that the code worked!

  6. you are my saviour!!! YOU ARE MY NEW GOD ! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER LOL. oh and thanks for my 2400 points bro.. i havent got any problem when i generated them

  7. haha they have some kind of “anti-leechers” protection on their website.. you will see but that’s a good thing cuz points won’t run out

  8. thanks dude. i live in a quite poor country and i cant afford these kind of things.. they are very expensive. I barely got an used xbox, thanks to you i didn’t have to buy msp. again, thanks for saving my money

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