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FullBot is a bot for World of Warcraft (wow) [Mist of Pandaria] carefully developped during many months to provide you the best botting experiences of the mo…


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  1. I’m proud to admit I use bots to level my characters in WoW. Its just not fun grinding through some of the boring quests in the game.
    The burning crusade has to be the most dull expansion EVER!
    I just get to 90 in like 6-10 days, then enjoy all the end game fun. Plus I make a tonne of gold from it too!
    You can’t really argue with that can you
    If anyone gives a damn, I get all my bots from arcticpanda. co. uk
    They’re currently working on a hack program which will allow wall walking etc.CANTWAIT!

  2. What the hell is wrong with you people, you’re ruining this game, by using bots. Jesus christ, you should really realize, what the fuck you’re doing.

  3. If this is free and i dont need a key and working. you sir are a god.. but if there is a key may i have it.

  4. help i opened the bot but when i tried to run it it told me to select wow.exe and i cant close it or find the folder

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