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  1. buen amigo de la mañana que me haga saber si lo hace y cómo se tiene Android 4.2.2 si me explicas lo agradezco !!

  2. evelyn please send me a hacked account
    and i will subscribe to your channel with all myaccounts(10).
    And i will make my friends do the same thing!

  3. Is there a way to download the hacked version of this? I have Android 4.4.2 tablet and when I go to hacked link it says "must sign up, (etc.) in Safari." How do I solve this?

  4. To everyone who keeps messaging me about troubles with the hack: I apologize but I just realized that the link isn't working anymore. I put a new link in the description. I updated it and tested it. Remember to clear your cache for your browser and the app store.

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