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  1. Ps4 doing free weekends. Remember when the Xbox 360 used to do it -_-
    Running out of ideas again Sony?

  2. Sony should make online multiplayer free at all times, seriously guys,
    having to pay to play online is just Bullshit…
    You’re essentially putting half of a 70 dollar game behind a paywall of an
    additional 50 dollars…

  3. LMAO at people calling this Destiny “Game of 2014.” We all know GTA5 or The
    Last Of Us Remastered (two PS3 games remade for PS4 because PS4 has no
    games yet) will fight for game of the year.


  4. I’m pretty sure the Destiny hype has made people expect too much from it
    and I dun’t know if it’s worth me getting it because of the seemingly
    disappointing story length, quality and voice acting… it all seems rather
    like an updated Borderlands to me and I absolutely love that series but I
    just don’t think they did it right in Destiny… Yet

  5. LOL didn’t you guys release a video last night that said only 9 of them
    were reported bent and 9 out of the millions and millions of phones is kind
    of a small percentage.

  6. You people do realize that ”PC master race” was originally intended as a
    JOKE against PC gamers? and now they are using it as their proud title, HA!
    invalid bunch of sad fucks that’s for sure. 

  7. what a waste to cancel titan. People would have played it and the company
    could be making more money if they had that and WoW running still. 7 years
    of work wasted, like seriously?? the employees who worked on it better be
    getting a big ass paycheck for all that time wasted

  8. After a while of not watching any of IGN’s Daily Fixes I only realized that
    the only thing I was missing out on was the virgins who try to seduce
    Naomi, which Naomi herself I presume reads what she sees and prospers on
    from here and either continues to seduce the audience or (Ain’t nobody got
    time for this) which I highly doubt. After knowing there is another source
    that shares the relevancy in this but on another channel (Inside Gaming/
    Machinima) I don’t really give Daily Fix a second thought to watch knowing
    that in the comments it’s all about how the audience wants to have
    intercourse with her in negligence of what news she brings to IGN. Who
    wants to fap to guys right?! Some may disagree, but I go to IG or Machinima
    for my source. Nuff of this virgin shit!


    just come last in crucible every time with a .20 kd or lower, your welcome.

  10. Wtf are you doing on the ps4 without a ps plus membership in the first
    place, without it the ps4 is nothing but a sexy brick

  11. Why do people get upset when exploits are fixed?
    “Waaah I can’t be cheap anymore and have to earn my gear the normal way”
    Cry me a fucking river

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