Frostweave Cloth Farming Location – WoW Gold Guide – Dubisttot

Frostweave Cloth Farming Location - WoW Gold Guide - Dubisttot

There’s been a lot of talk about Frostweave Cloth around here, so here I am, delivering once again. Let me know how this location works out for you in the co…
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  1. I enjoy this and everything but I am looking for a way to make The most possible gold. I made a warlock just to AOE farm like a boss but I don’t know where to go for the best possible gold because not many people aoe farm for gold with warlocks. At least not detailed videos like yours. Could you maybe make a video with aoe farming with a warlock or even with a different character but I just want more aoe guides :P. thanks man I love your channel so much. You helped me so much.

  2. A much better place where the mobs spawn like crazy is off to the side of the shadow vault where the combatants are always up, there must be 3 up at a time and they drop alot of frostweave

  3. Frostweave is the most needed material in tailoring because you need of 1k units of it.

  4. well i got 14k on my lock after boosting ppl in arenas, but my mage on stormscale dont have enough for enchants:(

  5. Corp’rethar (just below the no at the videos start) has 42 npc’s (20 left and 22 right). Aoe down and sit for 90 seconds then do again. I get almost a stack a pull on average. I do have a video of it on my page. Dubisttot, u should check it out.

  6. This spot seems good for the competition component but the place with only two groups and swapping realms gives more money I made about 2.7k gold an hour farming there but that was probably the competition were undergeared hordies

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