Full Guide – Make Big Money In Farm Simulator 2013 With The Biogas Plant

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  1. you can also make a lot of money with Canola. All my fields al filled with

  2. i found using the drivable cow feeder with the auger in front makes it a
    lot easier to do the work it make be little slower but its a ton less

  3. Oh this is good. This seems somewhat complicated for noob me lol
    I will try it and thanks for the tips!

  4. How do you hire a worker to cut the chaff. It won’t work for me. How did
    you do that?

  5. I’ve recently read a good portion of the Wiki and apparently advancing the
    time doesn’t speed up silage fermentation time its set on real world
    time.Awesome video though id just thought id give everyone the heads up

  6. It won’t let me put corn in any of the holders at the biogas plant, it says
    it’s not accepted here but it lets me empty in straight into the cilo 

  7. there is a mod who you can buy the krone big x 1000 for 80,000$ and you can
    attack every single trailer in the game!

  8. I have grass planted in my fields for the Biogas Plant and I have been
    filling the silos with it. Looks like I’m not making the best of my
    resources since the grain and the chaff can be sold in your video. Right
    now I’m just using a mower on the front of the tractor and a foraging wagon
    which is slow next to the way you are doing it. I didn’t realize you can
    connect the tippers together like that, so that is one thing I will be
    checking out also. One thing that really caught my attention when hiring a
    worker is the speed of the other equipment or equipment that I would be
    driving. Will have to try that. But, for now I haven’t been hiring a
    worker since I’m wanting to get some practice in. I still have a lot to
    learn about Farming Simulator 2013. Great video.

  9. ok so you say you make 760,000 thousand out of 600,000 corn chaff
    processing it into biofuel but you only make 400,000 thousand dollars so
    there for you don’t make 760,000 thousand so to everyone you only make
    400,000 thousand dollars out of one

  10. hi, how do you attach 3 trailers in 1? it seems like a very nice way to
    earn money, and… do you really using this swagbucks thing? is interesting
    but is it true? can you give me a sing up code? 

  11. Daisy-chaining trailers is tough but doable. It’s best to work with
    trailers that have no front wheels – they’re much easier to back up into
    another’s latch area. It’s too bad the big 61,000 rig trailer doesn’t link
    up together like that, but you can put a few smaller linked trailers on the
    tractor first and then attach the kahuna.

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