1. Because i really really want a key and it would make my day and i have been
    a fan of card games since i was like 7 and now im 19 and i really want a
    key so please give me a key

  2. I would like to have the Beta Key, because I saw a good friend of mine
    playing it and it looked like a lot of fun.
    As a TCG lover, I’d really LOVE to play Hearthstone now 😀
    Well, this opinion might be too simple, but I don’t wanna lie or create any
    stories to let this seem dramatic or smth, so I’ll leave it like this :/
    Good Luck to everyone participating 😉
    And thank you very much for this Giveaway 😀

  3. I want to win because I have been a fan of card games since I was 6 years
    old which is 17 years now, believe me if you want to but it’s the truth I
    played many card games like poker and yu gi oh (all versions) I would be
    reaaaaaaally happy to win this. thanks for your time.

  4. I don’t know if I missed the deadline or not, but I really want the beta
    key because I’ve been wanted to play before the beta was released! I signed
    up for the beta key at battle.net, but wut are the odd of getting one
    there…? I’ve been watching popular youtuber playing it since then. I’ve
    participated many giveaway, but no luck…I hope that this will be the one.
    Thanks 🙂

  5. I so wish I could play. I haven’t played WoW but hearthstone really
    interests me and watching youtube videos on it just makes me want it even

  6. I want the key because I’d really love to test hearthstone and give
    feedback to improve the game. I’d appreciate it so much.

  7. I want this key because my school plays it but I do not have it and I watch
    streamers everyday and I want to play it on my computer and not someone
    elses computer

  8. i what the key coz i have entered every hearthstone beta key give away and
    i have losses all off them plus i love card game 🙂

  9. hello i realy want to have a key my friends are already playing and i wanna
    join them!! thanks for reading <3

  10. I used random.org and beta key for HearthStone get: BuJiAiyoku please
    contact me, others can check my new giveaway steam code for game Mafia 2.

  11. My reason: I have been signing up to every beta key give away for this game
    for a few months now and ive been signed up for beta almost since it was
    released but still no joy 🙁

  12. My reasons for wanting a beta key are entirely selfish. The fact that I
    have not even caught a glimpse of a beta key for a game that I have been
    eagerly wanting to play since the start of the beta is really depressing.
    Every other game just seems less interesting and as a result I am REALLY
    bored. So please, hook a brobeans up.

  13. I was playing WoW for a few years but stopped due to lack of time (college
    is more important) but finally I can play Blizzard’s game which doesn’t
    consume that much time, and that is heartstone. I played all online card
    games but most of them are pay2win which is kinda dumb, heartstone on the
    other hand isn’t and that is why I want it so bad. Thanks for doing this
    giveaway, best of luck to everyone participating! 🙂

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