G2A 5 Random Steam Game Keys

Filename: gtavproductkey.exe

FileSize: 24 MB

Free gtavproductkey is ready for download

G2A 5 Random Steam Game Keyswas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15724


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  1. They are scam artists, there is only cheap indie games in the pool of games. Always check the price on G2A of each game and you will find most are well under 10 cents.

  2. He talks like this (he wispier)2 people ummm….mmmaaa….2 hehe….2 people….uuuuaaaaa…..

  3. I have a question when i activate the cd key i download the game does it mean i bought it or i but it for less price

  4. Ah yes sorry about the 60 fps. I was fiddling around with the video recording settings and forgot to change it back. This was my first attempt at a video production.

  5. You fell for their bullshit talk. On the product description they say that 10% of the keys will be a game worth 10$ or more, BUT, thats the steam price, and you made the honest mistake of checking them on steam. Go ahead and check those 10$ games on G2A…they are worth from 5 cents to a dollar lol.

    Most of those games were given away for free in the past on bundles or stuff like that, so they are getting rid of them in a very shitty way. If you were to buy those games on G2A you would have paid about 1.5$ for all of them. Just a quick heads up, don't fall for it again lol

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