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  1. hey when are you going to release the duplicator? in the desprition it said
    in 2 days and its today….

  2. People have been messaging me that is doesn’t work. I told them it didn’t
    work for them because they didn’t have enough money to pay the fee. READ
    THE DESCRIPTION!!! And only use it ONCE per three days. If you put in
    multiple accounts from the same computer within the three day limit, it
    will not work. And do not enter you username, password, and gold amount,
    more than once before three days.

  3. hi ! my account has 55 gold ! and i want it to be like 500k . so i need
    help . may i know the LINK ? thanks . you help a lot .

  4. can you please pm me the link? this isnt working, and i really want to get
    more gold.

  5. can u just pm me on gaia please i can’t find the link and ill be glad to
    help u take down gaia

  6. EASY 10K, If gaia doesn’t soulbound… Play zOMG. Play until when you
    choose the rings from leon after his quests. Choose either slash or hack
    and sell for 10000 gold.

  7. u mean, after we log in the site with 10k, we cannot log in gaia for 3
    days? like that?

  8. and also what was the numbers you put in im wondering becuase i think some
    of them are letters lol

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