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Football Manager 2018 LLM series with Gainsborough Trinity!
In today’s episode of this #FM18 lower league series we kick off the league season!
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  1. There is no doubt, this is gonna be one of my favourite LLM series on FM18 to watch 😀

    I am looking forward to watch more great content from you 🙂

    Keep it up!

  2. John!!!! Just saw the two eppys and I really like it a lot.
    I think I will enjoy it very much especially your reactions lol.
    I wish you all the luck in the World on this new endeavor.

  3. I'm using a 3-4-3 in my LLM with Oxford City and i highy reecomend it!l More direct passing, structured team shape and standard mentality. the 3 striker thing really does seem to work brilliantly. I'm playing with 3 DCB, a DLP D and a B2B with two wingers on support. Find my team push other teams so far back towards their own goal that we can just launch balls into the box and with three strikers we just score at a consistent rate. After 15 games in the 3rd season I've won 12 drawn 2 and lost 1 despite having the lowest budget in the league by a mile.

  4. Solid CB pair and regularly smashing goals pair of strikers will be key to mid table and with some luck and new players next season you might change formation to 4-3-3 and go for play-offs!

  5. Your FB pair may be the weak point in this year campaign ;( In the future you should really invest and search some decent free players for both left and right side of the pitch 😉 Keep up the good work Footy!

  6. Tough game for the backline mate, hope with more games they settle down but Tyson is looking like a very good pickup making some key saves. Gonna be a great season, cheers mate!

  7. Tyson looks like very solid LL keeper, he could be game changer in penalty shootouts and harder games 😉

  8. Haven't watched your channel since the Shrewsbury CM on FIFA 15, but I'm loving this series 😀

  9. Btw what's your reasoning to have Fluid team setting for the tactic? I have always heard that Rigid is the way to go for LLMs? What do u think?

  10. You mentioned Tom Tolley. But please don't forget BOB GURNEY and his wicked metal band hairdo!

  11. Sign up Ronaldo Pearson. He scored almost 100 goals in 200 appearances for me in the lower leagues this year. Absolute legend

  12. Hey John, LLM is where you are at your best. It's more than just a series. You are a true inspiration for us all. Keep up the good work, and I am so privileged to be able to interact with you on top of enjoying your amazing LLM content. Always a great pleasure following your LLM journeys throughout the years.

  13. I’m a Gainsborough fan and I often do a Gainsborough fm save if your struggling for goals play nathan jar man he is superb

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