Game Of War Fire Age: T6 TROOPS VS TRAP BASE!!!


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  1. Selling my 78T power account for USD500 (Paypal) – anyone interested?
    All research tree complete except, Pantheon and Newly released tree.
    1 Trillion research power
    Hero is at 84 with ViP 45 and is 140 Billion power alone.
    2 Trillion troops T4(mainly) / T5 / T6
    All gears available except Titan.

  2. Best stick to hitting smaller players in weak gear with a 55mil march. The 3kunai magic is tough to break without a max research acct and 85mil march

  3. why not the 75 million march still 55 mil ? t6 isn't gonna make that big of a difference that i will see .. maybe t5 made 100 soljers dead to traps but t6 maybe killed 3 million but since u lost more u dont know ?

    better try it with the 75 million increase

  4. Uther was my old kingdom, was in BuF1 until they disbanded. Glad to see someone actually making game of war videos 👍

  5. I use to play in Uther. Got zerod while on vacation and never came back. Realized how much of an endless money pit it was, but was fun while it lasted. I was in SCOW then NOA. Aloha.

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