[GamePlayer alternative] How to install and use GameGem on iOS 8.3

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[GamePlayer alternative] How to install and use GameGem on iOS 8.3was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15726





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  1. can I jailbreak to 8.4 without losing all of my music & my movies, apps etc? I have backed up my ipad mini on my computer. which jailbreak should I use? thanks

  2. my ipad mini is jailbroken. can I update to the new 8.0 version of ios without losing all of my apps/music/movies?

  3. how do i update cydia? my cydia has a red 1 in the corner. when I go to try to update it, nothing happens. please help. thanks

  4. I just deleted gamegem & tried to install. it now says (in red): netDB:open nodername nor servname provided, or not known. so now I don't have gamegem at all. can you please help me? I cannot download gamegem. please help

  5. i followed your instructions on the video. when I put the numbers in & press the search button it just flashes then nothing. it does not  show any numbers or results. it does not close though. I select the app Blitz then follow your directions. when I put in my numbers it & press the enter button, I see something that looks like a timer counting down, but it only appears for a second then disappears game gem does not close though. I have tried several other apps but it does the same thing with all of them. I have deleted gamegem & reinstalled, but it still does the same thing.

  6. this is not working on my ipad mini. when I put in my numbers it just flashes nothing happens. please help.i have an 128g ipad mini 7.1.1

  7. Bro help me, the 2nd rechear tell me  "Search complete, total result count : 0" and i can't modify values :c

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