Gameplayer for iOS 8 (gamegem) work perfectly fine

Filename: Gameplayerios.exe

FileSize: 25 MB

Free Gameplayerios is ready for download

Gameplayer for iOS 8 (gamegem) work perfectly finewas extracted from


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  1. GameBreakerr by my its doesent work i try it allready whit wolrd of tanks and app nana doesent work

  2. ugh..  Doesn't work with towermadness 2.  Keeps telling me there are no entries for money after the second search.

  3. Thanks alot it works but…whenever i star a game and then i change to gamegem, the game closes so i cant do it, it worked for 1 game but other games close suddenly after i open game gem. Please help me pleaseeee!!

  4. thankx I been trying to get Game Gem to work for hours, you made my life much better. but can you make an video for locallappstore cause mines was working but then suddenly it stopped. wen you go to settings its so post to load up the games or your idevice , but on my IOPS7 iPhone4 its not loading anything. its was at appoint of time. plz help

  5. I Tried tried it on multiple games and it said Modify complete, but when i go back in the game the amount of money or coins that I originally have stays the same, It doesn't change. can someone tell me why?

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