1. Hello, first of all thanks for the keygen, I have two questions:

    1. If for example I have Resident Evil 5 and Batman Arkham Asylum on both
    originals, I can use those serial for other games?

    2. Once activated the game with keygen (in my case Blazblue Calamity
    Trigger) this is already linked to my account in Games for Windows or when
    I reformat my hard drive I must retake the activation process.

    Thanx man.

  2. I have tested this and works great, but can contain some connection
    problems. If you don’t trust this, because it is a Registry File, you are
    not forced to use this 😀

  3. IBRAHIMPRO can you help me ? when i type the code is says that is used or
    that is invalid i try with every code Can you help me ?

  4. Can you help me? I want use this to my game The Club, but always it says
    “Key is used”. BTW. i have this game original, but in box is only for
    registration on site ; (Sorry for my english, i from Poland)

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