Games Like Diablo – Best Hack and Slash Games

Games Like Diablo - Best Hack and Slash Games

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  1. Indeed there is. that’s why I quit. You get spikes for a sec then guess what… ur a dead man with lost xp. Game is interesting therefore short story IMO I am wondering what kind of improvements will they make for the future of the game as it is free + shop does not affect game at all ( which is good, but not sure if game will survive in terms of money)

  2. it’s a long time issue if you play melee class, you want to stun/leech life then it desync, then you would just hit the air while enemies keep hitting u. it’s ok in normal, but in higher difficulty, you die in 3-5 seconds if u cant leech life or stun. thats why people say melee build is currently weak

  3. Is this a lag based issue? I haven’t noticed it at all but I just play ranged classes.

  4. Path of Exile is great. Desync is big issue tho, if your melee move too fast you might desync. cant touch enemy, or roll back, teleport back to location 3 seconds ago.

  5. Rather surprised that “Fate” (Torchlight’s Precursor) wasn’t mentioned. Had the demo of it included in my Windows XP applications and played it for hours growing up

  6. author, ty very much! i’ve searching games like this and found ur vid! here u go +like :3

  7. on me, when i play realm of the mad god, when i start spamming mouse button, then the keyboard starts bugging and keys get stuck 🙁

  8. Titan’s Quest is alot older and is more of a nostalgic Diablo 2 feeling. POE is probably better because its new, plenty of content and its online so its got multiplayer covered aswlel.

  9. Mad King like Diablo ? I think it should be mad author… lol

    Playing POE now, interesting game… Wanna know wich one is better, POE or Titans quest…

  10. realm of the mad god is actually addictive and probable one of the hardest games i played because you have to find stat pots to buff your character and if you die at any time you must restart all over again unless you have an amulet but it is very expensive!

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