Gang Beasts (online multiplayer beta)….{Steam Code} Giveaway…Open to Active Subscribers Only


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Free arksurvivalevolvedkeygiveaway is ready for download

Gang Beasts (online multiplayer beta)….{Steam Code} Giveaway…Open to Active Subscribers Onlywas extracted from

PRESENTING LA FREEBIE FIESTA: with the following listed below…..But Remember Folks Santa’s been & gone. This here is a brand New Year of Possibilities 2016..its Called Incentives for a Reason a kinda 2 way street where Y’all get to hang out have Fun with prospects of even winning awesome games & Prizes..In Return I get to build a channel and strong Community..IT’s meant to be a Contest people where Subscribers, moderators & The streamers get to vote fellow members into winning games based on mainly how Active they have been e.t.c So GET ACTIVE Y’ALL BOTH ON AND OFF LIVE STREAM…Good luck to All {Beat Store online..RastA Cee’s referral link} {Shop with Promo code “kendrickso” for 15% discount on everything} {GET YOUR YouTube CHANNEL PARTNERED} {A Community of Gamers in Gaming Paradise} {On-line Video Community for Viewers & Creators} {DailyMotion Platform}… {CROWD FUNDING FOR CONTENT CREATORS} {Donation link #1} {Buy Digital Games @Discount} {Noscope Gaming
Glasses Discount Coupon}

In Celebration of the Channel’s @400 subscribers Milestone And to show my appreciation..Here are a few Links to Some of the Finest Instrumentation/beats Representing that Underground true Essence of Hip Hop/Rap Music. Courtesy of My Label Familia Sinoptic International Music Collective.


PRESENTING LA FREEBIE FIESTA: with the following listed below and More to follow……

H1Z1 EARLY ACCESS Steam Key Giveaway {Open to Current Subscribers Only}

KILLING FLOOR 2 early access steam Key giveaway {open to Subs Only}

ARK: Survival Evolved steam key Giveaway {Open to Subscribers Only}

DARKEST DUNGEON early access steam key giveaway {Subs only}

THE LONG DARK early access steam key giveaway {Subs only}

SPACE ENGINEERS early access steam key giveaway {Subs only}

SINOPTIC INTERNATIONAL: Pure DopeNess vol.17,18&19 Albums + Overwatch( DIGITAL) Giveaway.

ALSO FEATURING IS THE BETA OF OUR NEW GAME REQUEST FEATURE from an Awesome Games Library of over 120+GAMES… Open to ALL New&Current Subscribers

Pure Gameplay with RASTA Cee n FAM..dat DJ mix Style of gaming. Streaming in HD 720p@60fps and 1080p@30fps THIS CHANNEL IS about RAW GAME-PLAY.. Pure Undiluted AND Unadulterated Gameplay.

Everybody ESPECIALLY MY SUBSCRIBERS ARE GUARANTEED TO HAVE FUN With Over 120+ AAA and indie games including backward Compatibility for Xbox 360 games overflowing in my Xbox ONE library + An endless supply of Android Games From Google PLAY STORE.

hp Pavilion g6 Core i3 Laptop & HV-F2063 Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad + Xbox one + Avermedia LGP LITE + 3.5/4.0 Mbps stream Upload speed AND Google Nexus 7//Asus Memo Pad 7 Tablets FOR ANDROID STREAMING.

Guys please don’t Forget to subscribe/follow the channel in show of solidarity and support for the hard-working Streamer.

Please watch: “FREESTYLE to SHNDi – Temple of the Maiden”…

Please watch: “1 Exclusive Closed beta key for Gigantic {Windows 10/Xbox One}…..Open to active Members Only”…


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